Our Family History in the United States.

An Archive to Honor Grandma's Memory!

Let us not forget her & her name!! 

A Tribute to our Bread Culture Heritage

                                                            ~   So We REMEMBER   ~                                                                    Being THANKFUL in Appreciation to our Grandmothers Who've Gone Before 

 whose lives were centered around the "Heart of the Home," who helped build the foundation of a local community by being born here or maybe immigrating (during the 1500s through 1900s), and living their lives in this country.  

You and your neighbors in your community can learn of the nationalities, and heritage of family names, of those who began and grew your "home town."  (In time this info will become an ancestral database with this website.) 

Please fill out the following if you wish to give a Tribute to a grandma (must be deceased). The primary location is where she mostly lived, in which she, and usually along with her husband, had the greatest attachment and influence during her life to her family and community.  And hopefully you've been able to give a donation so you  help establish this historic preservation and educational museum in her memory and name.  Blessings!

This following information pertains to one of your grandmothers (or great-, great-great-, etc.) for honor & tribute.  You may use this form multiple times for grandmothers in order to document each name as an influence in the development of a community.  We often have an archive of documents of men's names, but not the women!

The plans are to have a public database of states & towns, creating a historical archive as an honorarium, so the presence of your grandmother(s) by name, is available and remembered in history.  By that we will learn of  locations of ancestral nationality and settlement in this country, and where ancestors emigrated from which is called their "home" country.
YOUR name & address info will never be published with the grandmother info, nor made public, sold, shared, etc.  It will stay private within the NBM records.