Brazil's Tins of Taste

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I was able to go to the country of Brazil recently (March/April 2023) and saw 2 tins of cheese in the local grocery store right across the street from the apartment of a relative we stayed with.  Then when in Rio de Janeiro, there was a tin of sugar cookies!  What a great surprise!!  Donna Kozak, Founder

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Reino Cheese

An amazing find of a tin of Rio de Janeiro! 
That central tall mountain is called Sugar Loaf because of the shape reminding people 4-500 years ago of a cone of sugar!  There are cable cars that take you to the top of it.

This was the other tin of cheese I saw in the grocery store, but also at $20-25, it seemed a bit steep to spend almost $50 on 2 blocks of cheese when I didn't know what they'd taste like, all in the name of having the tins!!!  So it'll have to be for another day :).