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GERMANY - Feyler Lebkuchen in Coburg


Wilhelm Feyler - 1892

Rosengasse 6-8, 96450 Coburg, Germany

It all began with a recipe!

For years I've had this exquisite tin from the Wilhelm Feyler company on a shelf, & because the company never popped up in a search engine list of "German Lebkuchen companies," I thought they no longer existed.  But today with some extra searching (it all takes time!!!), here they've been in business all along . . . for decades!  Ooooh, the tins I must have missed :(.

There are no dates on any of these older tins, and no info on the bottoms, so all would have been made prior to the early  1980s.  The day when I have the means of unpacking all tins, I could determine more accuracy of when the Food Labeling date began on tins.  But mind you, even today the date is not always on the tin itself, if it's sold inside a box.  With some companies, the "expiration date" is stamped on the box.  If that doesn't stay with the tin, & someone doesn't write the date on the tin, there's still no record of when that tin was made!

The following are 2 very informative and interesting websites worthy of some time for the history of Lebkuchen and the Wilhelm Feyler development and century-plus growth of his continued family's profession.

LEBKUCHEN MANUFACTORY FEYLER – ALL KINDS OF TRADITIONAL HONEY PASTRIES https://www.buergerleben.com/lebkuchenmanufakturfeyler-2-2/ 

Feyler – gingerbread from a master's hand