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(inactive -- no company website)
(inactive -- no company website)

GERMANY - Schuhmann Lebkuchen Company

The Schuhmann company had it's factory store in the same area of Nürnberg as the Otto Schmidt factory store, so it was easy to get to on my trips there (1988-91; 2000).  From what I remember, their large, blue chest design (1980's era) seemed to repeat each year, but some new smaller ones did come out once in awhile between 1989 - 2010.  Since the computer days, there has never been a website for this company, nor any catalog material.  

I've always wondered what happened to this company & I've now learned that in 2015 the Lambertz Group acquisitioned them.  I don't know if Lambertz has retained the Schuhmann line by name or not.  I've not seen any tins in the online retail market with this name for some years.

2002 - largest chest; 10" x 14..5" x ?; Art. #320254 (Tins of Taste #2719) (Note:  There was also a smaller, music box tin with this same design & love story - translation below).

In American English, the translation goes like this:  At a day in court, at the request of her "body Lord," Emperor Heinrich III grants the slave, Sigena, her freedom and seals this with a document. Thus, Sigena possessed in the future all rights as a freeborn, and equal in rank to the noble Richolf, her former master.  Richolf could now marry Sigena befitting his status.  (You knew love had to be in here somewhere, befitting these "kingly & royal" illustrations! :)