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GERMANY - H to N Lebkuchen Companies w/Tins (the lesser-known companies)

So far a tin for the following German Lebkuchen company is on this page:  

2_Hopfner Druck

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The following is the list of the old, (believed to be non-producing today) German Lebkuchen companies discovered so far, whose names begin with the letters H - N. At least one tin (or more for some) is in the ToT tin collection for these other H - N companies & in time will also be posted to this Tins of Taste page, but for #1, 3, & 6 (*#) there is yet no tin in the collection.  

1~Hans Schneider*#;   2~Hopfner Druck;   3~Hutner*#;   4~Keim & Co.;   5~Mark Graf;   6~Martin Wirsing - Bayreuth*#

NOTE:  Haeberlein-Metzger, Lambertz - 1688, Nusselt, and Matthias Stielfried have their own pages.

2 ~ Hopfner Druck

There is no information on the internet about this company.  I'll have to wait and depend on someone in Germany or elsewhere, who has knowledge of this company, to send some information, if it still exists.