Welcome to the National Bread Museum's


This is the fun place within the museum where you will be able to get your hands in the dough or beat a better butter batter! And there will be so much more to learn by so many who'll share.

The vision of The National Bread Museum is to have a very economical, affordable baking school for the public of all ages (a basic class offered with every museum visit, all school visits, tourist groups, & such); opportunities for home bakers to teach a class (many general "basics," and especially ethnic heritage baked goods); guests (baking & bread culture thematic-related book authors, bloggers, pastry chefs, the "more famous," etc., etc.); hosting baking & related competitions; and more!  Also, see the Bread Houses note (below) regarding programming for rehabilitation therapy, immigration assimilation, & more.

Join in Building OUR National Bread Museum of Grain - Baking - Bread Culture 

As the Founder, there are "hoped-for & desired plans" as part of an on-land museum:  A basic "101" baking class would be offered as a low cost, paid option with every admission to The National Bread Museum.  And for the thankful blessing of those of you individuals who become the Founding Donors (1st $1M), you will receive a/or some, complimentary admission/s & class/es.  

If baking skills aren't/weren't in your growing-up years as a "hand me down," this will be the opportunity for flat bread 101, or beating a better butter batter for flapjacks or gems.  

         You can help build this tribute to your country's ancestors by dough-nating here.  

* * * * * * * * * * 

Hoping your days aren't the same ol' grind, but if they are, you can still live them with joy, joy, joy, joy, down in your heart, down in your heart, down in your heart!

* * * * * * * * * * 

P.S.  Working with dough --- making bread (& there are 100s to try) --- baking . . . through this skill there's an extremely therapeutic benefit as evidenced by the BreadHousesNetwork.org / Part of International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C) in New York City and around the world.  The program began in Bulgaria.  

As soon as the National Bread Museum & its Baking Mill can have a "home on land," we can begin to offer these kinds of programs.  People who benefit are many throughout out community:  people with disabilities, refugees & immigrants who need to assimilate into the American culture, war veterans, former prisoners, minorities, those needing mental health rehabilitation, people who are in depression & need to find purpose & "be in community" with others, women & other victims of violence & homelessness, orphans & displaced, those living in extreme poverty, children and students who "need something to do" in their free time, and on and on.  Baking becomes a saving grace!  

We knead your dough-nation to make this happen . . . your voice and contacts to tell others!  If each of us becomes "One in a Million" x $25, we will = $25M to be established on the land, and be worthy of Grandma's hopes & desires for us by honoring her life which she gave in order for us to have bountiful blessings in ours :).