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GERMANY - A to G Lebkuchen Companies w/Tins

Currently, only tins for this following German Lebkuchen company are on this page:

2~Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim) 1863

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The following is the list of the German Lebkuchen companies discovered so far, whose names begin with the letters A - G.  At least one tin (or more for some) is in the ToT tin collection for these other A - G companies & in time will also be posted to this Tins of Taste page.  

1~Adam Kraft; 2~Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim) 1863; 3~Bahlsen; 4~Eckstein; 5~Ferdinand Wolff; 6~Fraunholz (1911) & Gebr. Fraunholz; 7~Georg Goess

Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim)

the lablel on the backside of the cookie
the lablel on the backside of the cookie

(https://www.baeren-schmidt.de) The company was founded by Johann Friedrich Schmidt from Nuremberg in 1863 and has been part of the Lambertz Group since January 2010.  Herr Schmidt was a gingerbread master and confectioner.  His company was known for the large gingerbread hearts with sayings or people's names frosted on them.

I don't know why there's only a photo of the very old colored cover in the files.  Maybe someday the tin will show up!