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GERMANY - A to G Lebkuchen Companies w/Tins

Currently, only tins for these two German Lebkuchen companies are on this page:

2~Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim) 1863
5~Georg Goess - 1610

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The following is the list of some of the German Lebkuchen companies whose names begin with the letters A - G, (#1-2-4-5).  They are lesser known, and/or are not in business under their name, and/or had few tins in the past, etc.

1~Adam Kraft; *2~Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim) 1863; 3~Bahlsen; 4~Ferdinand Wolff; *5~Georg Goess - 1610
(*a tin is posted on this page)  

Bahlsen, very much in business today in Europe & the USA, plus Amazon & Walmart locations, is a very large "cookie company," & is included in this list for the time being because it's not known if they sold Lebkuchen (years or decades ago) in any of the tins in the Tins of Taste collection. 

There's still a website for Georg Goess Lebkuchen, but no link to buy & have products shipped.  I'm not sure when the last tin was made in this name.

At least one tin (or more for some) is in the ToT tin collection for these A - G companies & in time will be posted to this Tins of Taste page.  

Bären Schmidt (Mainbernheim)

the lablel on the backside of the cookie
the lablel on the backside of the cookie

(https://www.baeren-schmidt.de) The company was founded by Johann Friedrich Schmidt from Nuremberg in 1863 and has been part of the Lambertz Group since January 2010.  Herr Schmidt was a gingerbread master and confectioner.  His company was known for the large gingerbread hearts with sayings or people's names frosted on them.

I don't know why there's only a photo of the very old colored cover in the files.  Maybe someday the tin will show up!

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Today the Georg Goess Lebkuchen company is under Lebkuchen-Schmidt management.  

The finest LEBKUCHEN is primarily a combination of many nuts, honey, & spices; then sometimes coated in a sugar or chocolate glaze.  So delicious!

Georg Goess

First mentioned in the annuls of Lebkuchen history in  1610

The "golden deer" - - once a very well-known "brand image" (or known as an icon today) in Germany for the Georg Goess company, still in their advertising.