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                         An insight into the historical grain-related artifacts                            which hold the life stories of our fathers "working the land" as sowers and tillers, reapers and millers.  We have become their beneficiaries with the grains that sustain us today.  It's vital to understand and remember our roots, lest we fall into the dependency of others!

                    Growing God's Good Grains - the foundation of this country's growth and survival.                        "1607 . . . but later John Smith returned to Powhatan's village on the York River to barter for grain to feed his colony."     


The SMELLS and TASTES                                                            from the HEART of the HOME

Over 1,000 historical artifacts related to HOME BAKING, plus associated KITCHENALIA, are within a 45-year core collection, as a gift for the creation of the National Bread Museum.  The dream of preserving an old building (maybe grain-related?) in the Omaha, Nebraska area for the museum location is one of the goals.  We're asking for your help to make this happen asap for our country by giving a donation right now in 2023; otherwise, memories fade & history is lost.

Most of the late 1800-to-WWII already-collected artifacts hold the way-of-life stories of our European and American ancestors of that era, while the historical artifacts of WWII till today represent the living history of our fast-changing "heart of the home" baking culture.  Some examples below . . .  See more on the two "Artifact" links in the Menu.

      Baking-related artifacts tell the story of yesteryear - especially of our moms and grandmas.  It was common to have a stay-at-home career to raise a family, work as a partner with her husband - whether toiling to live off the land or survive in the city - and give a contribution that was and still is especially significant, devoting a good part of one's life to home baking.  The "how to" was handed on down which is sadly disappearing.  

Meanwhile, it was usually the men who worked the land, harvested, and milled the grain.  Others went from kitchen to commercial, or teaching, publishing, or manufacturing - both in pans & equipment, or ingredients & grain-based foods. 


Why you need to donate to Preserve Our Ancestral Grain & Baking Heritage History

Preserving our country's Grain & Baking Heritage needs to be a nation-wide community effort. This is a project in which each of us needs the other to help raise the $25M for the project's goal to preserve our country's personal Bread Culture history of our ancestors' lives (of Ag/Grain-Milling-Flour-Bread/Baking) - by creating the National Bread Museum complex to provide the cultural education of our past in this nation, to inspire & teach healthy baking, & help eliminate hunger with grains. 

The U.S. should not be missing from the world's Bread Museum list.

There are a reported 90-or-so bread-affiliated & Bread Museums around the world, but none of its kind in this country.  This is a "We the People" project from the "grain roots" up! We're looking for you to become part of the "yeast" to "Raise the Dough!" You can also help "Sow the Word" about this project to all other souls in Tribute to our ancestors and encourage donating. You, and many of your generations henceforth, will then be able to "reap & glean" great grain benefits.  Therefore, your Tribute Donation will be a vital contribution for you to have a significant role in preserving this country's Bread Culture history of the world.  

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"Do good with what thou hast or it will do thee no good."


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