(2) The Baking Mill where everyone can get their hands in the dough


The vision of The National Bread Museum is to have a baking school for the public of all ages (a basic class offered with every museum visit, all school visits, for rehabilitation therapy, immigration assimilation, & more); opportunities for home bakers to teach a class (many general "basics," and especially ethnic heritage baked goods); guests (baking & bread culture thematic-related book authors, bloggers, pastry chefs, the "more famous," etc., etc.); hosting baking & related competitions; and more!

Join in Building OUR National Bread Museum of Grain - Baking - Bread Culture 

As the Founder, this following is a "hoped-for-desire & plan" as part of an on-land museum:  A basic "101" baking class would be offered as a paid option with every admission to The National Bread Museum.  But Founding Donors would receive a, or some, complimentary classes.  It's my vision.  

If baking skills aren't/weren't in your growing-up years as a "hand me down," this will be the opportunity for flat bread 101, or beating a butter batter for flapjacks.  

         You may help build this tribute to your country's ancestors by donating hereAll Inaugural Founding Donors will receive a "wheat penny" thank you gift.  (To be honest, this may take some time to send out, but as long as I have control, I want every founding donor to eventually have this item.  Blessings, Donna) 

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Hoping your days aren't the same ol' grind, but if they are, you can still have joy, joy, joy, joy, down in your heart, down in your heart, down in your heart!