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 Donation Form

                                   Choose your donation level at a minimum of $25 per Tribute (optional - next form).                                 $25/1 class (+ 3 years free general admission)     $50/3 classes (+ 5 years free general admission)       $75/5 classes (+ 10 years free general admission)     $100/7 classes (+LIFETIME FREE general admission)    PLUS a Wheat Penny Bookmark by the Founder

General admission (2 adults & up to 5 [or more if they're your own] children w/you under age 23) to all "general   admission" museum areas (excludes all "additional or special admission" events & areas). These special Inaugural   Founding Donors will also receive the stated number of complimentary daily Baking Mill "dough-or-batter" classes.

TY gifts, if any, for donations of $100+ to be decided by the Board of Directors. The above number of TY classes & admissions can represent a combination of Tributes at a minimum of $25 each (i.e., $100 could represent 0, 1, or up to 4 Tributes if desired). 

     (Notification will be given when the IRS 501(c)(3) tax deductible status is approved.)


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NOTE:  Out of every donated $25.00, $1.00 will be used to provide a loaf or bag of local bakery bread to an area food need. Also, $1.00 will be set aside to be used to fund clean drinking water wells ... first to meet needs in the USA, and then in other lands.